Zone Monstr Airlight 25 White/Holographic 20/21 - STICKS

by Zone
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  • Airlight 25
  • Zone season 2020/2021

An extremely light and well balancesd 25 mm shaft made of 100% carbon fiber. The airlight concept for 2020 is designed in a holographic manor for the first time ever to be used on sticks. Silver and white details and a holographic end cap to design every possible detail. The airlight models are created with airlight grip and air soft feel blades and are made light and shining for the 2020 lineup.

Blade Monstr
Blade hardness Air Soft Feel
Blade material PP
BladeHardness Air Soft Feel
BladeMaterial PP
BladeName Monstr
Color White/Holographic
Flex 25
Grip Airlight
Length 100 cm, 104 cm
LengthInterval 180-190, 190+
Orientation Left, Right
Player heights 180-190, 190+
Player profile Allround
PlayerProfile Allround
Product line Airlight
Shaft Material Carbon Airlight
Shaft Profile Airlight
Shaft Type Round
Weight 198 g (96 cm)