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Choose the right floorball club

Which socket should I choose?

Left clubs and blades (left) are for players who hold the left hand at the bottom of the grip. Right clubs and blades (right) are for players who hold the right hand at the bottom of the grip.

Which flex should I choose?

Flex on a floorball club means the stiffness of the shaft. A low flex (for example 23 mm) means a stiff and hard shaft while a high flex (for example 32 mm) means a softer and less stiff shaft.

A harder shaft is suitable for men's players who use a lot of their weight when shooting, which results in a harder and more precise shot. A softer shaft is suitable for players who do not use as much weight when shooting.

Applicable ball control often means a softer flex and increased ball control.

Which sheet should I choose?

The blades are also made in different hardness and just like for the shafts, a harder blade gives a harder shot while a softer blade gives you more feeling and ball control.

Which club length should I choose?

A rule of thumb is that the club should reach just above the navel. You can also use our filter when choosing a floorball club to fill in your length and player type to get suggestions for suitable clubs. Below you will find our club guide with standard measurements and recommendations.

Your length in cm Club length in cm
90–110 55–60
110–125 60–70
125–135 70–80
135–150 80–85
150–160 85–90
160–170 90–95
170–180 95–100
180–190 100–103
190+ 103+