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Choose the right padel racket

What to consider when choosing the rack?

There are a variety of factors that can affect which racket suits you better than another. Below are some things to keep in mind.

1. The shape of the rack head

Circular shape:

For most players, regardless of level, it is easier to play with a round racket. Such a shape on the racket head means that the so-called "sweet spot" is located in the center of the racket head. A racket with a round racket head is often called the control racket.

Circular shape

Diamond shape:

A diamond-shaped racket has its sweet spot a little higher up, which gives an extra "kick" if you have a good smash. The diamond shape is therefore best suited for advanced players.

Diamond shape

Drop shape:

Drop shape / Pear / Hybrid is called this shape on the racket head, which is a mixture between round shape and diamond shape. The drop shape is suitable for both intermediate and advanced players.


2. Weight

Most rackets for adult players weigh approx. 370-380 g and has a frame width of 38 mm. Many players play with unnecessarily heavy or misbalanced rackets.

3. Balance

Balance refers to where on the racket head the balance point is located. The balance can be high, i.e. near the top of the racket head, medium or low. The closer to the grip the balance point is, the easier you will experience the racket head. A racket that is top heavy will be perceived as heavier to swing. Top-heavy rackets are often considered more offensive, with more "power" versus control, as they give more weight to a smash. Diamond-shaped rackets are generally top heavy, while round rackets have a low center of gravity. Drop-shaped rackets are usually medium-balanced.

4. Material

The frame of paddle rackets is almost always made of carbon fiber for extra durability. The core consists of a foam rubber-like material; EVA or Foam. Most of today's rackets use EVA, because EVA has better "memory properties" and is more durable.