Blindsave Knee Pads for kids/JR - GOALIE

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Blindsaves knee pads with hard padding have the best manoeuvrability any knee pads can offer. The insertable paddings are only 1.5 cm thick so you are very close to ground and your knee isn’t sinking in them if there is no impact. The density of these knee pads is just so perfectly balanced that they provide all the protection you might need to have as a goalie and prevents sore knees during the game.

Also, to insure continual protection, the knee padding is changeable. Because of constant use of your knees, they are an integral part of the game. Goalies usually feel they need new pads every 6-8 months. Instead of buying completely new knee pads, the durability of our product will ensure that all you will have to do is change the inside padding and it will be as if you have brand new pads.

Product line KPK16
Size Junior