Stiga Ace 2020 - PADEL

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  • Powerful, responsive padel racket
  • Carbon Xtreme
  • Diamond Touch

A fast, stable and powerful padel racket in a straightforward design that does not compromise on anything. This is an advanced, round carbon fibre racket with a hard sweet spot that is suitable for both enthusiasts and competition level players who seek a lot of power, and maximum speed, control and precision. ACE is a handmade padel racket with a surface layer of 24,000 carbon fibre strands (24K), making it significantly faster than other rackets on the market. The higher the strand count, the faster and more responsive the surface is to receive and rebound the ball with a catapult effect. The black EVA core has a unique density that provides a larger sweet spot and greater control, thus making the racket equally responsive to offensive and defensive players. Simply put, the best playing experience in every match. The unique core, the Carbon Xtreme surface layer, and the total weight result in a racket that offers an elevated playing experience, or what we call the Diamond Touch – high speed, unbeatable control and superb feeling.

Weight 365 +/-10 gram
Core 38 mm
Profile 38 mm
Balance Low
Shape Round
Inner core Hypersoft Foam
Frame Carbon Flexi Frame
Control/Power Power
Racket case Not included
Model Men