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A cookie is a small text file (often less than 1 KB) that is stored on your computer and contains information. Cookies are used, among other things, to improve websites.

Different types of Cookies we use
The website uses different types of cookies to achieve different types of functionality.

Among other things, we use cookies that can be defined as necessary cookies, these help the website to function properly by, for example, keeping track of which items are in the shopping cart, or the account when you log in.

Another variant of cookies that the website uses is for user settings, these for example help to keep track of your chosen language.

The website also uses so-called third-party cookies, which our partners use to help us improve your experience on our website and collect visitor statistics, provide live chat to make your experience as good as possible.

Some cookies are of the temporary cookies type, which means that they are deleted when you leave the website. Other cookies are stored on your computer from a few days, up to months or years. The storage time depends on what the cookie is used for and helps you save loading time when you visit the website again.

Your rights and opportunities
The visitor to a website must be informed when cookies are used, and given the opportunity to prevent them from being used.

You can prevent the use of cookies in your browser settings. You can also block individual cookies with the lock icon address bar on for example Firefox and Google Chrome.

Remember that blocking all cookies can negatively affect the functionality of websites and lead to them not working as they should.

When you visit our website, your IP address is automatically registered to create visitor statistics.