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About padel

Padel is sometimes also called padel tennis, but we at Ongoal only use the word padel. When we talk padel from now on, we mean padel!

Time for some good paddle talk!

What makes paddle the fastest growing racket sport in the world?

One reason is that paddle is a sport that can be practiced all year round. Another reason is that everyone can play paddle. A third reason is that it is fairly quick to get started and at a reasonable cost as well.

Is paddle a simple sport?

Well. Like any other racket sport, paddle is about technology. Technology can be difficult. If you hit a little too hard, the paddle ball hits the wall. If you hit a little too loose, the ball ends up in the net or at least short, which gives the opponent an advantage. If you hit the paddle racket a little crookedly, the ball flies in a different direction than you intended. At the same time, the thing about paddles is that you can train up to a level of technology that is sufficient for the ball duels on the court to be both long and fun - much like when the pros play, but at a lower level of course. Practice makes perfect. The more you play the better you will be. Suddenly you have become a pretty decent paddle player. Wow!

Do you not have to be fit to play paddle?

Paddle is a physical activity, which is why a certain basic condition is never wrong to have. That's how it is. However, do not let your training status determine whether you should dare to paddle or not! If you start playing paddle, you will automatically build up your fitness. In addition, the sense of play is at least as important in paddle. So it is. Sometimes, for example, it is smarter to let the ball pass and take it after a bounce in the wall instead of constantly chasing it. After a couple of paddle sessions, you also understand why the pros act so calmly when they play. Padel is a bit like chess. If you manage to see through the opponent's moves and place yourself right on the paddle court, you usually win the point in the end.

What equipment is required then?

Here we finally get into the picture. We at Ongoal are proud to be able to provide a high-class range of paddle products that are suitable for all levels - from beginners to professionals. We can not promise that you will stick to the sport as we have done or that you will become world number one in paddle by shopping with us. What we can promise, however, is that we always intend to ensure that you get a great shopping experience with us - from ordering to ordering, payment, delivery and customer support. The guiding star in e-commerce is the same as in the world of sports - if you want to succeed, so to speak. Do not play around! Go online! Go to the finish line! Ongoal.