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Personal data policy

Ongoal will process your personal information in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Privacy Act.

Ongoal protects your personal privacy and always tries to protect your personal information in the best possible way. Ongool's goal is to comply at all times with all applicable laws and regulations on the protection of personal data. This policy will help you understand what kind of information Ongoal collects and how it is used. By agreeing to the guidelines on the website in connection with the purchase or disclosure of information, you agree to the processing of your personal information in accordance with what is stated below.

Ongoal Sweden AB (559111–1975) ("Ongoal" / "vi"), Vasatorpsvägen 1G, SE-254 57 Helsingborg, Sweden, is responsible for the processing of your personal information.

We process the personal information you provide or send to us and which we collect from the website through Cookies.

The personal information that Ongoal works with is social security number, name, gender, e-mail address, purchase, payment and order history, payment and credit card number, delivery address, IP address and telephone number.

The data is used for identification, direct marketing, customer surveys, newsletters and for statistical purposes as well as for follow-up. The information can also be used for e-mail, text messages and e-mail as well as for marketing if you are not against this.

You can contact us at any time to cancel the marketing to you as a customer at kundservice@ongoal.se

You can also opt out of subscribing to newsletters and e-mails at any time via a link found at the bottom of the newsletters.

The information can also be used to analyze shopping habits to provide you with relevant information and marketing, as well as to improve the website, payment solutions and payment processes. Processing to improve payment solutions and payment processes may include processing in which your personal information, including your social security number, is transferred to other companies in the Ongoal Group and third-party providers to be included as an analytical basis.

The personal information can then also be combined with data from other registers, e.g. credit data. Your social security number will also be processed in connection with purchases on behalf of (or due to claims from) payment and credit companies that need this for credit information purposes.

If all or part of Ongool's business is sold or incorporated with any other business, your personal information may be potential buyers and will be passed on to the new owners of the business.

To keep the personal information we process safe, we have taken several security measures: We have implemented security practices and technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information, such as browser certification. In addition, we have appropriate firewalls and antivirus software to protect and prevent unauthorized access to the network. Access to the areas where personal information is stored is limited and employees must be identified for access.

Ongoal also uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which is a protocol for secure data transfer over the Internet (or other networks). If you have agreed to be a registered customer / member of Ongoal, your information will be stored until you unsubscribe. You can unsubscribe as a customer at any time.

Your data is not stored longer than allowed in the current privacy law.

In accordance with applicable privacy laws and the GDPR, you have the right at any time to have your personal information that we manage, changed, updated, moved and limited. You also have the right - in some cases - to request that your personal data be deleted at any time, but there may be certain legal obligations and requirements that prevent us from deleting your data immediately. You also have the right to request an electronic copy of your personal information which we manage for free. If you wish to request an electronic copy of your personal information, we would like you to send us a written request. We prefer it if the request is signed and sent by you via regular letter to the address found on the page as well as below.

Ongoal Sweden AB Vasatorpsvägen 1G, SE-254 57 Helsingborg, Sweden. For more alternatives or questions, contact: kundservice@ongoal.se

Ongoal wants to make sure that your personal information is always correct and up to date. If any of the information you have sent to Ongoal changes, e.g. If you change your email address, name or payment information or want to cancel your user account, you can send us the correct information to customer service.

Your personal information will not be used for marketing purposes if you object to this use. You have the right to resubmit your given consent for the processing of your personal information at any time. Withdrawal of your consent may be limited to only part of our use of your personal information, e.g. the part that is specific to marketing purposes.

Ongoal reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time and to the extent necessary for the changes to be made to correct minor issues or to maintain new laws and regulations or technological requirements. All changes to this Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website.