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Adidas Adipower Multiweight 3.3 2024


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Dominate your game with a racket that can do everything and adapts to any situation on the padel court. The ADIPOWER MULTIWEIGHT 3.3 is a racket to make a difference. The Weight & Balance System technology gives it the ability to be many rackets at the same time. By means of the weight and balance modification system, the player can adapt it to their needs. The rigidity reaches the highest level imaginable thanks to the Dual Exoskeleton and Power Embossed Ridge reinforcement technologies. The combination of 18K Carbon Fiber and EVA High Memory rubber is the basis for the rigidity and allows for a spectacular attacking game. The Spin Blade Decal's surface roughness and the Smart Holes Curve hole pattern provide the same but for spin shots. WEIGHT & BALANCE SYSTEM The capacity to gather different rackets in one single handle is possible thanks to this technology. The system of removable weights located in the neck allows the player to modify the balance and the total weight of the racket and adapt its. There are a total of six screws that can adapt the racket for an attack or control style, as desired by the player. DUAL EXOSKELETON To deploy maximum power, the racket must remain as rigid as possible under all circumstances. This technology involves a great reinforcement based on a double insertion of carbon fibers in the core and the frame of the racket, two of the key areas. SPIN BLADE DECAL This technology covers the face of the racket with a rough surface with a high grip capacity. The friction with the ball is total, so the effects are carried out with astonishing ease.

Product lineAdipower
Weight355-365 g (0 + 9,1 g)
Core38 mm
Profile38 mm
Inner coreEva High Memory
Frame100% Carbon
Outer coreCarbon 18k

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