Bullpadel HACK CONTROL 2019 + Protector Custom Weight - PADEL

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  • Proline 2019
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Hack Control + Protector Custom Weight!

Hack Control is a round-shaped racket with maximum control and high efficiency. It is designed for players professional or advanced. Its outer core is composed of carbon Xtend Carbon 18K, its internal Core of BlackEva and CarbonTube carbon fiber frame 100%. It has the new Metalshield frame that adapts to the new CustomWeight weight plate system that allows you to modify the balance of the blade depending on the needs of each player. In addition, it has Vibradrive system for absorption of vibrations, Hack heart and Nerve channels on the side of the frame of the racket.

Racket of Federico Chingotto, player nº24 of the WPT 2019 ranking.

Product line Proline
Color Black/Blue
PlayerProfile Adult Expert