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One Whey® is among Europe's top-ranked, best-selling protein brands because it combines a rapid absorption rate with a delicious taste and a competitive price. Our advanced filtration process produces pure protein with a minimum percentage of lactose, carbohydrates and fat. One Whey® is the product for you: a high-quality protein powder with a pleasant taste and an unmatched price.
+ Accelerates protein synthesis
+ Speeds up recovery
+ Tried-and-true & best-loved flavours
+ Added enzymes for improved absorption
One Whey® is the perfect supplement for active individuals who wish to slash recovery time, build muscle, burn fat and improve their physical performance.
Whey protein consists of amino acids that simultaneously restore and build muscle. Muscle is broken down during exercise and can be re-nourished only if sufficient quantities of amino acids are absorbed, hence the need for an increased protein intake. Protein powder’s high bio-availability means that it takes only seconds to prepare the protein needed by muscles, making it an unparalleled source of protein.
One Whey® can up your workout results. It is absorbed faster than regular food and provides greater stimulation of the protein synthesis and effectively cancels the catabolic process in the body. It gives you your daily dose of high-quality protein, with the least amount of fat and carbohydrates.
One Whey® is a complete protein of high biological value, containing both the essential amino acids (EAA) and branched chain amino acids (BCAA).
You will need to supplement with One Whey® when your amino acid levels are running low: in the morning, after training and in-between meals. Research has proven whey protein superior to all other protein sources for two valid reasons: it stops the catabolic process and improves recovery speed immediately after workouts.

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