Unihoc Epic Carbskin White 26 - STICKS

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  • Carbskin White
  • 26 Flex
  • Epic Medium PE

CARBSKIN® is the name of Unihoc's new woven carbon fiber technology and it is pushing the benchmark of lightweight sticks to a totally new level in terms of required shaft properties.

Utilizing a new cutting-edge layup structure for the construction of these shafts, and combining it with a thinner material, we have managed to improve the strength and durability to unmatched levels in the lightweight segment. Never before have we been able to match such low weight with this extraordinary level of steadiness, balance and durability.

With CARBSKIN® there is no need to compromise, you get all the features in one stick.

This model has a shaft in flex 2.6 and comes with the EPIC-blade in Medium.

Product line Carbskin
Orientation Left, Right
Length 100 cm, 104 cm
Flex 26
Color White
BladeName Epic
BladeHardness Medium
BladeMaterial PE
Shaft Type Round
Shaft Profile Carbskin
Shaft Material 100% Carbon
Grip Carbskin Grip
Weight 193 g
PlayerProfile Sniper
LengthInterval 180-190